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Tokky offers you a digital gift card platform on the Ethereum blockchain. You can now have the benefits of gift cards and the security and cost-saving of blockchain technology for your business.

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Gift cards can have huge benefits to small and medium-sized businesses, such as the ability to increase revenue and build strong customer relationships.

But they also come with burdening costs, like printing expenses, transaction fees, monthly subscription fees and Point of Sale infrastructure costs.

On top of that, Gift cards’ striking lack of security makes fraud common, hurting businesses and customers alike.

Fortunately, we’ve found a better way.

At Tokky, we’ve created a digital gift card platform on the Etherium blockchain, which introduces a host of new features, virtually eliminates operating costs and has all the security benefits of blockchain technology to help fight fraud.

It takes only minutes for businesses to create and customize cards suitable for gifting as well as personal shopping, with options for discounts, making them reloadable, and much more!

Customers can redeem their cards online or in-store using the Tokky app simply by selecting the card on their smartphone and scanning a code.

We´ve solved the problem of unused cards and leftover balances, through Tokky’s secure and easy to use built-in secondary marketplace.

And Tokky introduces Promoters to the gift card ecosystem, who can earn commission for every card they sell, providing viral marketing for businesses.

At Tokky, we’re revolutionizing gift cards with the power of blockchain.

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