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Want to advance your knowledge in radiology? Telemedicine Clinic Academy can help you learn more about specialized modules, from the comfort of your home!

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In radiology, learning never stops. When everything is competing for our attention, there’s never enough time. And when you learn things but don’t apply them, knowledge fades fast. If you’re learning about specialized topics, you rarely get the chance to turn your training into everyday reporting. But things are changing…

TMC Academy’s Diagnostic Imaging e-Training offers specialized modules which combine objectives and insights with applied practice while working with real-world cases.

Our combination of structured reporting and a web-based PACS allows us to replicate the reading room experience in your browser. Each case has been prepared by a specialist mentor allowing us to provide immediate feedback and let you track your progress, ensuring you reach a passing score.

So, if you want to gain confidence in your reporting skills while freeing up valuable time, visit academy.telemedicineclinic.com now and pick the Diagnostic Imaging e-Training module that’s right for you.