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Great Voice is the to-go place when you need voice talents and maybe translations and localizations too. With over 25 years of expertise, and experience working with fortune 500 companies, Great Voice has proven to be a producer of over-the-top quality services.

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So you need professional voice talent recording services…. And maybe some translations and localizations too.

Who can you trust?

A random part time voice talent from one of the 26,711 voices available online?

An offshore company with an automated quote request form?

Introducing The Great Voice Company, a reliable, proven, production services partner specializing in voice talent for any language, any media.

Fortune 500 companies and market leaders have trusted us for over 25 years because of our production management expertise.

We’re easy to work with too. You’ll talk to an experienced project specialist who will learn about your requirements, help you select the perfect voice ,manage your translation and localization needs and deliver pristine audio to your specifications on time and on budget, every time!

So stop wasting precious hours trying to find a voice and chewing your nails wondering whether or not they’ll deliver.
Call the Great Voice Company and find out why we’re the experienced production partner you can trust.