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A step by step tutorial on how to join Footy Sprofila. Visit www.footysprofila.com.au or download the app from the app store or google play.

Explainer video script:

In the old days communication within footy clubs consisted of a chat with the boys before training, a chin-wag with the trainer on the rub down bench, a 30 second pump-up from the coach before you ran out on game day and some abuse from fans over the fence.
Jump forward to the 90’s “The internet revolution” took over the world. Clubs now had somewhere to store all their information including photos, fixtures, ladders, results and contact details for access by all members and supporters.

Jump again to 2010, “The social media revolution” bought us Facebook and Twitter. Social media allows clubs to engage with their members and supporters by encouraging two-way communication and facilitating direct messages pushed by clubs to their captive audience.
2013, “the Footy Sprofila revolution” – the platform designed by footballers for the grassroots footballing community.

Your clubs website, social media profile & mobile app all rolled into one custom platform connecting your footy world.

Our revolutionery concept incorporates the best features from the popular social media sites.

Facebook and Twitter – offering rapid communication and networking with family and friends.

LinkedIn – provides facilities for professional sports profile building and networking.

Seek and other recruitment sites – helps with job searches and placement.

We have intergrated these social media sites into our customised communication solution designed to connect the grassroots footy community.

5 customisied user profiles recogise the important roles played by each individual group including club administrators, players, coaches, medical support staff and fans.

Each user profile has a set of custom tools allowing them to interact with other club members in an informitive, entertaining and efficient manner.

Footy Sprofila – Connecting your footy world!

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