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SourceDogg is an affordable, powerful and easy-to-use eSourcing software that saves time, money, and provides a full audit trail.

Explainer video script:

Welcome to the time-consuming, cost-amplifying, paper-chasing world of sourcing goods and services.
And say hello to John, our average victim.

He has purchasing responsibility, but is short on the necessary skills.
John’s under unrelenting pressure to deliver more savings and higher quality every time he buys.

Costs mount as a small, stagnant pool of regular suppliers grows steadily less competitive.
Hours, days, weeks pass – our hapless victim buried under an avalanche of phone calls, spread sheets and admin.

It gets worse.
Procurement and management are looking for explanations – why this supplier? Why that price? Why this product?

It’s hard to keep track of it all.
And that’s just the biggest spend categories…
What about tail spend? That’s the 20% of spend that’s spread across 80% of suppliers.
That’s a lot of money gone without trace.
Now John’s in real trouble.
Say hello to his new best friend.

Not him
These guys
SourceDogg’s e-request system saves time and money, and provides a full audit trail.
How does it work?
Simple: just create an e-request, browse and invite suppliers to submit, and easily evaluate the quotes.

You have your winner and you have real value.

Best of all, it’s so easy-to-use, you’ll have full buy-in from all your users – which means no more maverick spend, and full view of your tail.
Not that one.
This one.
Affordable, powerful and easy-to-use eSourcing software – get real value from suppliers with SourceDogg.
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