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Big data helps large companies to contextualize their mobile campaign with their customers’ actions and data to predict their future behavior and influence their actions. Seruni Mobile. aggregates the big data and make them an easy to read reports with actionable solution..

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Traditional media, such as newspapers and magazines, have continued to decline.

But the use of mobile phones for finding news and information has exploded.

There are now nearly 270 million mobile subscribers in Indonesia alone.

Not only can people use these devices to communicate and get information, telephone companies also record data on how their subscribers use their network.

Demographic data such as customer’s age and gender, their data usage, their average airtime, the kind of shows they watch and subscribe to, as well as their location when using the device, and where they work. where they live, day or night.

Since almost everyone has a cell phone with them around the clock, the scale of this data is immense compared to other sources. When phone calls are made, SMSes are sent, and — for prepaid customers — call credit recharges are activated, more relevant data than ever before is being collected.

Similar to a UPC code which took the guesswork out of what a customer had bought.

This valuable data can help businesses develop successful marketing strategies. But the way SMS marketing exists currently, is not utilizing the best of what mobile technology can offer, but often leads to overspending and ineffective budget.

Imagine knowing the location of your prospects and customers and being able to unlock the ability to build context about their actions and correlate that new information with what is already known. For example, how many customer fits into the brand’s segmentation, or anticipating their everyday’s commuting.

This enables you to build a 360 degree profile of a person to predict future behavior and influence their actions.

Aggregated data provides extensive profiling and segmenting opportunities for targeting the right audience.

And since mobile phone users have far less anonimity than internet users, campaigns can also be accurately tracked for greater ROI.

Let Seruni Mobile. help you get ahead of the competition, increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget, and help you to penetrate your market deeper and more cost effectively.

This is the power of data mining.

Seruni Mobile.

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