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Situate™ is a powerful, proven tool for creating REPRODUCIBLE and AUTOMATIC processes that improve productivity and reduce costs. Situate can run on multiple computers with centralized management. It makes managing processes much simpler.

With Situate by Xona Software, the need for repetitive and manual processes is reduced to minimum.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Joe, a typical IT Director at a typical company. He and his team are in highdemand… and stressed out!

EVERYONE wants a piece of them! So Joe needs a solution that will save everyone time…AND save the company money.

Joe already knows repetitive manual processes are the biggest time-wasters. Naturally, that means his biggest TIME-SAVER is automation!

Well, Joe found the perfect automation solution: SITUATE by Xona Software – a powerful, proven tool for creating REPRODUCIBLE, AUTOMATIC processes that improve productivity and reduce costs.

It’s easy! Observe…

First, choose a process to automate. Then use Situate’s simple drag-n-drop interface to quickly transform that process into a self-documenting workflow. That’s it!

Now Situate’s Automation Engine takes over, doing it all for you — process automated and problem solved!

And with this simplicity comes CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT, allowing processes to run on multiple computers, all coordinated from a single console.

Add to that an array of enterprise-class features, and Situate makes everything you automate flexible, reproducible, and secure.

The end result?: more productivity, more available time, and more savings.

Now, Joe and his team get some relief, and everyone gets what they need.

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