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Sirvoy automatically tracks availability of rooms and updates instantly if it’s booked. Plus, Sirvoy charges the same fee whether you have 5 or 50 rooms to rent out.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Mike, manager of the Getaway Guesthouse.

Mike’s fed up and overwhelmed by paperwork and spends his entire day adding bookings to his calendar, updating channels, sending confirmations, alerting housekeeping and taking payments.

So he calls Janet, owner of the Bright Bay Hotel, who always seems to have plenty of time on her hands.

How does she do it?

Janet tells him about Sirvoy; a Property Management System that takes care of the day to day running of her property.

Sirvoy is easy to use and within an hour Mike is all set up and ready to go, immediately accepting bookings.

Availability is automatically tracked as the rooms are booked and Sirvoy instantly updates the channels. Now Mike can organise housekeeping, email guests, and produce accounting reports… all at the touch of a button.

Sirvoy supports almost two dozen languages, meaning that Mike can really go global and accept the right booking & completely free via his own website, and social media.

And, edition to any commission based booking receive through sites like expedia and booking.com and unlike other systems, Sirvoy charges the same fee whether you have 5 rooms or 50.

And since Sirvoy is cloud-based, the system is automatically upgraded for FREE, no matter how large your operation.

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