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Serve Your City is the platform that helps the community to improve food and beverage industry.

Serve Your City renews culture fits by providing a network of shared reviews and quality job listings for bartender, food runner, cooks, chef and the like.

Serve Your City removes the hassle of navigating through hundreds of job listings and wondering if it is a good place to work. Serve Your City provides helpful reviews and enhances the job selection process for future job seekers in the F&B industry.

Explainer Video Script

Do you work in the food and beverage industry?

Then you should be proud because the food service industry has become one of the country’s
largest employers with an estimated $700 billion in annual sales, two-thirds of which can be contributed to the restaurant sector.

It’s a convenient job opportunity for those seeking part time work but can also be a rewarding
career for many. You get to interact with new people and you help them have a memorable time
when they go out.

Sure, there are challenges, but there are on every job.

Hey, speaking of jobs, with over half of all adults having worked in a restaurant at some point in
their lives, isn’t it time the industry has a voice for its hard working employees?

Well, now there is!

Introducing Serve Your City.

Serve Your City is the first employer review site specific to the food & beverage Industry that offers unique insight for job seekers with employee ratings!

No longer will you have to navigate those massive job listing sites wasting time looking for the right
opportunity, or rely on trial and error to realize what isn’t the most suitable fit.

Serve Your City redefines culture fits by offering a network of shared reviews and quality job
postings just for bartenders, servers, food runners, hosts & hostesses, expeditors, cooks, chefs,
and the like.

You may have felt your voice is not heard but can now communicate at Server Your City, because
you get to leave helpful reviews about your place of work to better enhance the job selection
process for future job seekers.

See, with an employee turnover rate of nearly 50%, this positive, constructive feedback helps
others find their perfect job, and helps employers effortlessly find their ideal employee.
It’s good for our industry!

And, as a member of Serve Your City, you’ll also get in on staff-driven promotional marketing and community news, like sharing upcoming food and beverage related events, employee appreciation affairs, unique restaurant offerings, community functions, and more.

Serve Your City is what our industry has been waiting for.
So if you’re proud to serve your city, sign up at Serve Your City right now!