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Ropazi lets you shop for all your favorite brands for kids in one place and it’s available any time and anywhere!

Explainer video script:

Mom’s just love shopping for their kids… WITH their kids.

Some even say that it just MAKES THEIR DAY!

Yeah, right.

A trip to the mall, usually ends up like this:


Hey, what if you could take the mall WITH YOU where-ever you go!

Yeah, really, you can actually do that with Ropazi!

Ropazi lets you shop for all your favorite kids brands in one place and it’s available ANY TIME ANY WHERE!

Simply search for products and you’ll see matches that fit your taste profile with ratings and comments.

You can then select and buy an item ….
Clip it to your catalog to review and buy later …
OR Clip an item to your catalog from anywhere on the web.

Ropazi will tell you when an item in your catalog goes on sale so that you never miss out on a great deal.

“Follow” other members with similar interests, ask questions or make comments and share YOUR super finds with them!

Worried about missing a sale or your product being out of stock?

Don’t sweat it, Ropazi will notify you when that item is on sale or back in stock so you can buy it! (mom is sitting on the bus and gets a sale/out of stock/back in stock notifaction – she smiles and clicks buy – show the actions in callouts from her smartphone)

So, sign up at Ropazi.com today…

…and take the mall with you, WHEREVER you go!