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ProbioSlim is a supplement to help you lose those extra pounds and boost your body metabolism.

Sufficient amount of exercise and healthy diet alone aren’t enough to help you reach your desired body weight. ProbioSlim boost your body’s metabolism to a level where losing weight is no longer a hefty problem.

The best of all, ProbioSlim is made from clinically safe ingredients under GNC category!

Explainer Video Script

HOST : Welcome back to “Why Are You Still Overweight?” Here’s our next contestant! Tell me; why are you still overweight?

WOMAN : I don’t know! I feel like I’ve tried so many things


HOST : You haven’t tried ProbioSlim! When added to a sensible diet, ProbioSlim helps you lose weight by boosting your body’s metabolism! That’s why it’s the number one selling formula in its category at GNC!

WOMAN : ProbioSlim will really help me lose weight?

HOST : You bet! Tell her what she’s won!

ANNOUNCER (VO) : It’s a new you!!! . . . because ProbioSlim has a unique, safe ingredient that’s clinically shown to help you burn more body fat!

WOMAN : Wow, I look great in that dress . . .

ANNOUNCER (VO) : You’ll also get:

More appetite control!

More energy!

And thanks to a special probiotic, you can feel lighter and enjoy more comfortable digestion!

HOST : With ProbioSlim, everyone looking to lose weight and feel great is a WINNER

(AUDIENCE : Applause and cheers)

ANNOUNCER (VO) : Find ProbioSlim in the probiotics aisle at Walmart!