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PreciseFP is a tool for financial advisors to help them develop better client profile using effective forms that address directly to clients’ needs.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Tom. Tom is a financial advisor who isn’t getting quality financial planning information from his clients.

The problem is his intake form… it’s generic, boring, and not client specific enough.

To make matters worse, the regulator is on Tom’s case because there’s no proof that Tom is acting in his client’s best interest.

Enter PreciseFP.

With PreciseFP, the leading client profile builder and forms tool, Tom is able to quickly and easily create forms that speak to his clients needs. PreciseFP even provides a forms library, so Tom is easily able to copy, edit, and publish forms on multiple, engaging topics.

Tom’s clients are happy because intake forms are customized to their unique situation. Also, forms are prefilled, taking less time to complete.

Tom’s happy because there are no more incomplete client profiles, saving 40% on the cost of creating financial plans.

The regulator’s happy because data is tracked throughout the process with the end result being a complete financial client profile.

Happy Clients. Improved efficiency. Better compliance.

That’s PreciseFP