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PawHi is an interactive app for dog-lovers who can’t adopt a dog due to various reasons. It lets you get a glimpse of how it feels having a dog, and it also improves your caretaking habit for when you could adopt a dog.

Explainer Video Script

Dogs are awesome. They’re smart, cute and bonding with people.

Meet Michelle with her pooch Lilo. She’s not sure which food is best for Lilo.

Bill and his childhood buddy Fido, Bill is now busy studying, so Fido doesn’t get enough

Then there’s pooch-less person, Tracy, who adore dogs and always wish to have one, due to
traveling constantly, she can’t adopt a dog.

Introducing PawHi, a fun and educative app for dog lovers.

PawHi improves caretaking habit and knowledge. Dog owners never forget anymore when to
walk the dog, groom or even visit the vet. PawHi also gives a cute virtual pooch to adopt.

PawHi trivia is a fun interactive way to learn about dogs. You can earn points and fun badges.

PawHi lets you connect with other dog lovers; share responsibilities of a dog or compete in

Now dog lovers are all happy. Life is better with dogs.