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OptimumHQ is the workflow automation tool for any kind of business you have.

OptimumHQ allows you to pull in any kind of data, create any kind of rules, and automate any kind of output you want. It’s an automation for your basic business processes that incorporates any data source and business rules.

Best of all, OptimumHQ is super easy to use, it’s made for non-technical users so they can set up a workflow automation in minutes.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only our company’s software could do X?”

Are you or your employees spending countless hours on mind-numbing, repetitive tasks? Pulling data from all over the place, duplicating effort, making errors, and manually doing stuff that we were told computers could do for us?

Or are there tasks you’d like to do with your data, to make your company move smarter and faster… but it’s not possible given the size of your team and your budget?

Are you frustrated with off-the-shelf software, which either forces you to change YOUR business to fit THEIR software, or spend a fortune on customization?

What if there were an easy way to automate workflows — your basic business processes — incorporating virtually any data source and business rules to track and control every aspect of your business, without spending a ton of money on enterprise software or developing a custom solution?

Well now you can.

Introducing OptimumHQ, the workflow automation tool for any kind of business.

OptimumHQ lets you pull in any kind of data … create any kind of rule … to automate any kind of output you want…

Kinda crazy, right? I mean, it gets the mind reeling with possibilities. What could YOUR COMPANY do with OptimumHQ?

In response to a change in the weather forecast, a golf course uses OptimumHQ to automatically text reservation holders and the course superintendent.

When a hot new fad starts trending on Twitter, a consumer products company uses OptimumHQ to initiate surveys, in any language, from its automated call center.

Sales and marketing teams use OptimumHQ to generate automated reports from multiple data sources, freeing them up to spend more hours each day actually generating more business.

Best of all, OptimumHQ is super easy to use, designed for non-technical business users to set up a workflow in about 30 minutes.

Say goodbye to having your request go into the IT black hole.

With OptimumHQ, the possibilities are unlimited. To learn more, contact us to schedule a webinar or demo.