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Poll is an effective way to generate more audience engagement through your content. OpenPolls is an easy-to-use poll creator that you can use to get your audience more involved with your content. Open Polls provides you with real-time analysis to figure out which option of the poll garner most of audience’s activity.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Steve, a journalist, and Tom, a blogger, and Stella, a celebrity with a ton of followers.

They all have one thing in common… they want to engage their audience better.

How can they do this?

Welcome to OpenPolls, where you can create polls that are answered with a yes or no response.

This is how it works:

Open your own poll by asking a question, then click Open Poll.

Place the question anywhere in an article, under a video, on social networking pages or websites.

As your audience takes the poll, it can be analysed, in real time, by simply clicking on the question which reveals a detailed map view of the results. Each region will be highlighted in blue or red to reflect the majority vote.

You can also zoom in to any region of interest, and filter results by gender, age, and more. Each marker indicates the location and type of vote.

Users can even comment on polls they have voted on!

So, get your audience engaged and generate discussions whilst doing your own research.

OpenPolls – Making every opinion count.