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Olark is a live chat application which stays on your website and looks great. You can customize it in a number of ways so it fits with your website’s style.

Explainer video script:

What if you could increase retention, boost sales and improve your product AND meet new people all at the same time?

That’s where Olark live chat comes in.

You can provide instant service to your customers while they are still on your site. Help them find what they need and show them what they are looking for.

No hold music, no spam folders, no waiting. Help them when they need it and have an easy to use, trackable record of your conversation.

Try talking to us at Olark.com to see how easy it is.

Here’s how it works…

Say hello to Lisa who just landed on your site.

Olark can tell you some details about Lisa; what page she’s currently looking at, where she’s been on your site, details about her profile, what company she’s associated with, her email address, and more.

Now you can initiate a chat with Lisa and ask her about what she is looking at.
Olark’s friendly interface encourages Lisa to reply and a productive dialog begins.

Instead of popping out, which can be annoying, the chat box stays on the page. You can customize Olark to fit your company’s image. You can also make the chat box visible to certain visitors, for instance, prospects as opposed to existing customers.

You can demonstrate how a product is used or provide technical help right on a customer’s browser.

And Olark generates reports and analytics about visitors and your interactions that you can use to help you provide a better experience and make more customers happy.

Olark integrates seamlessly with customer management software such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Desk.com, Highrise and others, so you can store your chat transcripts and provide salespeople with great information for future conversations.

Best of all, you will give your customers the most immediate way to get what they need.

So try Olark now for free and create trust, loyalty, & happiness!