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In O Athletik, you get to work out with your friends, families, and colleagues in a high-tech, fun and safe environment.

O Athletik provides you with running hill, functional fitness and personal training program to meet your need. Not only that, you can choose from over 100 class per week to meet your schedule.

Explainer Video Script

Have you notices and health clubs come in all shapes and sizes, but how many of them offer ALL the important health club services that you are looking for?”

That means you have to go to a variety of clubs to get what you want and, hello, do you really have time for that with your busy schedule?

Of course not, so you only need to visit one place and that’s O Athletik.

O Athletik is an active community where friends, families, and friendly rivals can play and work out in a high tech, yet fun, safe and welcoming environment.

O Athletik is a roomy, 35,OOO square foot modern facility providing you with more value for your money than any other health club around.

O Athletik brings the quality and service of many different boutiques fitness studios under one roof, at one price.

Choose one or all activities to try out, like Hot Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Martial Arts and Boxing, Free Weights and Cardio Equipment, Our Running Hill, Functional Fitness and Personal Training… and more than 100 classes per week to meet your schedule!

And that’s not all, join our volleyball or soccer leagues and sign your kids up in our youth programs. Relax in a sauna, or steam room, or get wet in our endless pool. Experience cryotherapy and chill out at our O Cafe.

There’s so much to do, you won’t want to leave.

But first you have to become a member, so sign up at O Athletik today!