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Neighborhood Legislature divides California’s district down to the size of neighborhoods to give you back your voice.

Candidates won’t have to spend lots of money to win and become corrupt at the end.

Campaigns will also be optimized on the issues that trouble you. Our representatives will not have to do the dirty to be elected, so they’ll be free to do what they were elected for.

Explainer Video Script

What if the Founding Fathers had gotten together and said,

“Hey! Let’s design the worst system of government ever!”

Well, they might have made HUGE districts with so many people in them that your voice would be lost in the crowd. Districts with, let’s say, a million people… like in California.

Then, they might design campaigns to be SUPER expensive, with lots of TV ads that don’t actually focus on any of the real issues. Sorta like how things are in… well, California…

As a finishing touch, they might say, “Wouldn’t it be great if the only way for candidates to afford these campaigns is to sell their souls to super-wealthy interest groups and corporations?”

And presto! We have a corrupt and broken system where the money of the few drowns out the needs of everybody else.

The worst government money can buy. Just like in California.

But we all know this isn’t really what the Founding Fathers had in mind… so how can we get things back on track?

Enter the Neighborhood Legislature, the revolutionary reform that puts power back in the hands of the people.

By shrinking California’s districts down to the size of neighborhoods, we give you back your voice.

Candidates won’t have to spend tons of money to win. Campaigns will be based on the issues you care about, and on the character of the candidates.

But most importantly, our representatives won’t have to sell their souls to get elected. They’ll finally be free to do the job we elected them for: representing you, me, and hard-working Californians everywhere.

Visit us at Neighborhoodlegislature.com to learn how you can be a part of the Neighborhood Revolution.