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MyTeamWorks eliminates the need of relentless and complicated paperwork in managing school fundraising activities. By streamlining school’s fundraising activity, not only is it more manageable and accessible, it’s also eco-friendly by reducing paper waste.

Approve, manage, and run better fundraisers with MyTeamWorks.

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Today’s school organizations need to raise more money than ever.

And, you’ve found yourself right in the middle of all of it

Signing off on fundraising approval requests, managing the fundraising calendar, and creating reports that show you’re compliant with a growing list of federal, state and local guidelines.

Isn’t there a better way?

Introducing MyTeamWorks, an online tool to easily approve and manage your school’s fundraising activity.

Go paperless and streamline your fundraising approvals process.

Approve or reject a fundraising request with a click of a button.

Your built-in fundraising calendar helps groups plan for the year and avoid scheduling conflicts.

And, when that time comes to provide details of your fundraising performance, reports are available to view, print, and send to those who need them.

Not only can your groups use MyTeamWorks to request a fundraiser, they’ll also have access to our library of proven ideas, dozens of award-winning fundraising products from our national partners.

And our fundraising technology that helps them reach more supporters, track their progress and run their most successful fundraiser ever.

Approve, Manage and Run better fundraisers with MyTeamWorks.

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