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With My Rewards, you’ll get fully integrated rewards, recognition and referral programs.

My Rewards provides solution in your budget problems, industrial problems, adjusting your needs and goals.

With MyRewards, not only will your customers be more loyal to you, you will also get enhanced customer experience. My Rewards also provides you with a membership as a service to help you meet all CRM needs while managing the program in-house.

Explainer Video Script

Welcome to My Rewards.

My Rewards is much more than just a discount program.

You’ll have access to a fully integrated suite of rewards, recognition and referral programs residing on our proprietary mobile and web platforms.

We tailor solutions to your budget, industry, needs, and goals.

Start with your own “My Rewards Savings Program.”

You can save your customers money every day with over 20,000 special offers and discounts to maintain customer loyalty.

Include “My Points” to reward your best customers and “Referrals Programs” to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

You can offer high-level “Travel Cash Incentives” at very little cost and “E-commerce” where you can display your company’s products or service with the option of adding up to 5,000 items in our online shopping service.

Create “Competitions” using the My Rewards platform to engage your customers and capture valuable data.
You will be able to leverage “Social Media Integration” to extend your brand, create good will, and maximize your program.

Inform members and customers about the latest developments with “E -news Communications” daily newsletters, and “i-Magazines” for a glossy and interactive reader experience.

Go state-of-the-art with My Rewards “Mobile Applications” where you can message and engage customers anywhere.
We can also provide you with “Membership as a Service,” helping you meet all your CRM needs while managing the program in-house.

With My Rewards, you’ll receive “Free Advertising” opportunities and can use stamp-and-redeem “Loyalty Cards” to download or distribute.

My Rewards is your complete marketing resource; save up to 40% on printing costs, web development and support, integrated rewards programs, and more!

My Rewards…Your partners in success.