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My Account is the online portal for A2Dominion house owners to easily view and download your statement & payment history, request repairs, check the status of a repair in your home or communal area pay your bills online, and update your details.

Register by visiting a2dominion.co.uk/myaccount now.

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At A2Dominion we provide over 35,000 homes throughout London and the South of England, offering a full range of housing options to suit all.

We’ve listened, and know you want to easily access our services online.

That’s why we’ve created a new and improved online portal called “My Account”.

Once you register for “My Account”, you can manage your home and access our digital services 24 hours a day, from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

No matter where you are, you can:
• View and download your statement & payment history
• Request repairs
• Check the status of a repair in your home or communal areas
• Pay your bills online
• Update your details, and much more

So, register for My Account today. It’s quick and easy – you just need to provide a few details from your statement and you’re in.

Register by visiting a2dominion.co.uk/myaccount now