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MOVA is a supply chain delivery provider that uses the Ethereum blockchain to speed things up and make sure that you get what you order in a timely manner.

Explainer Video Script

Imagine, you ordered this really expensive part express delivery for your company, who needs it Wednesday. It’s now Friday afternoon and the part was just delivered 2 days late.

Your company’s in a state of panic. The production’s behind schedule. Employees are working overtime. Meaning lost revenue and increased overhead.

If only you had a tool that establishes clear terms and gives you and your supplier automated incentives to deliver on time. In today’s connected world, producers, suppliers, vendors, transporters, and retailers in the global supply chain remain disconnected.

Late, lost, or inefficient deliveries cost us hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It’s a big problem, causing ripples from the warehouse to Main Street to the boardroom.

But now there’s MOVA, an innovative platform that uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to track and improve what you move across supply chains in any industry.

Its dual incentive platform makes life easier for both receivers and senders of goods. MOVA is the supply chain of tomorrow. Using advanced GPS tracking technology, it supplies real time, independently validated physical data that supports delivery in full and on time, every time.

Businesses can set a sliding scale of pay based on delivery performance, offering both bonuses and penalties for early or late delivery.

Transport companies then receive instant payments.

No longer do they have to wait 90 days after delivering, causing cash flow problems and too often, bankruptcy.

MOVA is a powerful logistics platform for companies large and small looking to move things forward. It offers a new level of connectivity in the global supply chain and we return 100% of our profit to the MOVA community via an Ether dividend.

Join the ‘Movement Ecosystem’ and help us build the supply chain of tomorrow.

Click for more information on the MOVE Coin Generation Event (link to website), read the Whitepaper, or join the MOVA Telegram Community.