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Metabolomic Medicine changes the way you take care of your medical well being. Metabolomics medicine identifies the biochemical traces of your body’s energy production cycle with a detailed blood test that tracks so-called “metabolites.”

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Metabolomic Medicine is a personalized medicine approach that traces the root cause of chronic and autoimmune diseases at a cellular level.

Before I explain exactly HOW metabolomics works, let’s first look at WHY it is so important for almost every human today.

You already know that humans live longer than ever today, with modern comforts, but did you know that underneath all the technological progress something very strange is going on in the last century chronic disease has reached plague like proportions.

Today, only 1 in 20 are technically healthy the majority live drastically beneath their real biochemical potential at 15-50% of their true energy potential.

We certainly don’t want to end up living our lives like that, do we? I’d rather live up to my potential!

The human body is basically a giant internal combustion engine. It converts food, air, water, even sun into energy with complex chemical reactions that take place billions of times per second

If we need more energy than we are able to produce, we become sick. Health is about maintaining an energetic balance, an homeostasis.

The good news is that the body does this naturally. It adapts to the environment, external factors, input and output, like a smart, self-regulating machine. … unless something interrupts the cycle.

Which brings us to WHAT is Metabolomic Medicine

Metabolomics identifies the biochemical traces of our energy production cycle with a detailed blood test that tracks so-called “metabolites.” 5,000 metabolites are able to identify every biochemical process in the human body into a simplified understanding of where the energy blockades are.

Today we have analyzed over 15,000 patients with hundreds of different chronic ailments, which is why we understand the root causality of chronic disease. There are only two basic reasons for chronic ailments.

The first reason is lack of nutrients. Modern food supply contains 1/20th of the nutrients it used to 100 years ago. Even the quality of our drinking water and air has been compromised

The second reason is toxins. Over 80,000 industrial poisons are integrated into modern lifestyle, through the products we consume, through the air we breathe, even personal care products we use on our skin.

Both these factors cause typically hundreds of interruptions in our energy cycles, that manifest as various forms of chronic disease.

The good news is, once we identify these exact points with metabolomic tests, we can fix them.

The key is to fix every interruption point in order for us to fix the entire cycle. This is why metabolomic medicine has such a high success rate. We are able to pinpoint the supplementation and nutritional needs that your body requires to be able to heal itself

Which is really the only form of real healing there is.

80% of our patients experience significant improvement within 3-6 months of starting the treatment. Not only do we address their disease, but  also drastically improve their overall life quality and operate with much higher energy levels.

It’s what we call “getting busy with life itself!”

Find out what Metabolomic Medicine can do for you!