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Menopausemap.org helps you to solve your menopausal problems that you are too embarassed to talk about in real life. Besides that, it also provides the latest education related to menopause, symptom tracker and monthly newsletter to keep you updated.

Menopausemap.org already helped more than 6,000 women in U.S who suffer from menopause problems in silence.

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When gravity seems stronger, and your bras weaker? When everyone else is wearing a sweater and you’re wearing sweat? Do you suffer from hot flashes and irregular menstrual cycles? Are you experiencing mood swings? Having difficulty sleeping at night? If you’re between the ages of 40-60 years old you may be entering into one of the stages of MENOPAUSE!

Are you embarrassed to talk with your healthcare provider or simply don’t know where to begin? There are free, trustworthy, and reliable resources available for you, visit Menopausemap.org to help you start the conversation!

Menopausemap.org provides the latest menopause education, peer to peer support resources, symptom tracker, and our monthly e-newsletter to help you as you navigate your menopause journey.

An estimated 6,000 U.S women reach menopause everyday. And the sad part is that many suffer in silence rather than speaking with their healthcare provider.

Let’s start the conversation, visit your one-stop shop for everything menopause and find out what stage of menopause you may be in.

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Menopausemap.org is an online resource from the Hormone Health Network.