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MatchCraft is a digital marketing company that provides a platform to manage their campaigns across multiple platforms with high efficiency.

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Today, much of a business’s success can be attributed to how effective their digital marketing is.

If your company resells and manages digital marketing campaigns, it can be a struggle to keep up with market trends and technological developments.

You may be spending most of your time on creating, monitoring and optimizing multiple campaigns for several advertisers, every day. Allocating time and resources, managing bids to increase conversion rates and reporting the results accurately.

What you need is a tool that will perform all those tasks and more. So, you can spend your valuable time on strategizing and expanding your business footprint.

For 20 years now, MatchCraft has provided best-in-class technology to digital marketing companies in over 44 countries.

Matchcraft’s sophisticated, real-time bidding algorithms create campaigns that deliver exceptional return on investment to merchants around the world.

Our Taxonomy, a proprietary keyword, and ad copy library is 23 languages strong and growing each day!
Matchcraft’s automation and machine learning allow resellers to…

A provision, manage and optimize tens of thousands of search engine marketing campaigns efficiently.
Achieve superior results for campaign budgets ranging from ten dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

And receive detailed reporting for advertisers via monthly emails and an online dashboard. Make your job easier while providing better results for your clients. Contact MatchCraft to schedule a demo today!