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Matcha Latte is an all in-one-app designed just for writing! Easily write your thoughts in journals. You can capture anything interesting that you see, as well as search and drag reference material into your Journal from any apps.

Explainer video script:

This is William Shakespeare. Notice his writing environment.

Quills and paper on his desk. Peaceful surroundings. A good light source. A bookcase full of reference books nearby.

This writing setup helped William publish the greatest literature in history.

Are you a writer, blogger or journalist?

Your likely set up is:

Always on the go.

Your reference material resides on different devices and apps.

You lose ideas because you can’t write them down quickly.

You write using a cumbersome app on your mobile device.

And you can’t publish content quickly or reliably enough.

Well, if William was alive today, he’d be using…

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte is an all in-one-app designed just for writing!

Feel inspired? Easily write your thoughts in Your Journal.

See something interesting? Just capture it!

Looking for reference materials? Search and drop it into Your Journal from any apps.

Sharing Your Journal? Use tweet or share button!

Ready to write the story? Just swipe down a new paper and write!

To add structure or rich content, just swipe left or right. Easy!

And when it’s time to publish to the world, it’s just one touch away.

See, like Shakespeare, everything is in one place.

All your stories.

Download Match Latte now… It’s designed just for Writing.