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LunchPro is a system that specifically services the unique needs of the relationship between pharmaceutical reps and the medical offices they call upon. The system uses a central calendar system, so you can schedule meetings from anywhere on your mobile device, and allows you to set your personalized budget requirements, receive detailed receipts for reporting and you never again have to worry about setting up a lunch for 30 people or more.

Explainer Video Script:

As an office manager, many times you are caught in the middle. The space between knowing what the people in your office want and what sales reps are bringing. How do you keep everyone happy without adding to your own todo list?

We bring you LunchPro.

LunchPro is a free proprietary software that communicates between you, the sales reps and restaurants to bring you the kind of food you want when you want it.

Our LunchPro staff can quickly and seamlessly customize the LunchPad to capture your restaurant preferences, staff food allergies, dietary restrictions and even recommend popular restaurants to your sales reps. This means fewer calls from reps, better control over restaurant selection and avoiding the dreaded 3rd day in a row of BBQ.

By controlling your calendar online, you easily see which rep is coming to the office and exactly what they are bringing. LunchPro wants to make sure your next lunch is just what the doctor ordered.