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Local supply chain is a platform to connect clients to contractors and subcontractors, making it easier for them to manage their construction projects.

Local supply chain allows contractors to source their people with personnels who are skilled in their own specialty from the right subcontractors, while the subcontractors can advertise their services, view the pipeline, express their interest and get involved.

Local Supply Chain is Building Local Connections.

Explainer Video Script

Yes, many businesses are going global.

Yet, local has become the biggest business opportunity… especially in construction, its engaging local suppliers by creating local jobs and boosting the economy.

Everyone in the decision making process has come to realize that local projects, developed and completed by local organisations, yield the greatest benefits of all.

But how do clients and main contractors encourage local growth? And how do sub contractors get involved and find out about local projects? And how do we all collaborate together to meet the objectives?

It’s sort of like trying to work in the dark… constantly.

Well, things are brightening.

The answer is Local Supply Chain.

Local Supply Chain connects Clients and Contractors with Subcontractors to get the job done!

Here’s how it works:

Using the Local Supply Chain Platform, Clients share details of upcoming construction projects.

Contractors in the meantime, can source the people with the right skills and prove to clients that they have the local workforce available to meet the requirements.

And Subcontractors can advertise their services, view the pipeline, express an interest, and get involved. And receive valuable feedback if they weren’t selected.

Local Supply Chain is the one resource and community that will help get the job done.

Local Supply Chain is Building Local Connections.

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