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Lessonvu is a non-intrusive classroom video lesson observation system that is controlled by teachers. Its unique technology allows for the complete recording of 360-degree video and audio, giving you a comprehensive view of the entire lesson.

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The quality of teaching is recognized as the most important in-school factor in improving outcomes for students. However, classrooms are complex. With every lesson unique, it can be difficult for teachers to capture and understand what worked and what didn’t, and to have objective lesson feedback to effectively review and self-reflect.

Introducing Lessonvu by ONVU Learning developed with academic evidence, it is the only complete lesson capture solution providing teachers with the necessary tools to aid professional growth.
With Lessonvu’s innovative 360-degree camera, teachers can view the entire classroom from any angle, whether here, here or here with accompanying high-quality audio.

It is discreet, simple to set up and always on thanks to the secure gateway. Meaning teachers can focus on what’s important: Teaching.

With Lessonvu’s cloud-based software, teachers can easily review lessons, add flags and comments to clips and collate them into folders. This makes it easy to not only self-reflect on lessons but also share videos with colleagues, mentors or expert professionals in or outside of the school for feedback to aid development.
Teachers have full ownership of their lesson recordings. Making Lessonvu the only complete lesson capture solution that provides the essential evidence needed to support high-quality teacher training.

Lessonvu, Helping teachers improve, one lesson at a time.
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