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Lanstad from Deanta is a publishing platform that features a collaborative project management workplace.

Lanstad helps publishers in fastening their book production process by eliminating clutter and lengthy delays. Using Lanstad means that you’ll save more resources by having everyone work in one space and one file with a real time changes.

Lanstad is also accessible from all around the world, so you never have to worry when working with international partners.

Explainer Video Script

The publishing industry has undergone a tremendous transformation, including new revenue models and digital delivery of published works.

But, what hasn’t changed for many is the convoluted and frustrating production process itself, and if you are in the field, nobody knows better how chaotic that can be.

Content editing, layout, and proofing tasks need to work in sync to produce the highest quality work, but usually the resultsare misplaced content, unread emails, duplicated work, and miscommunication resulting in lost time and effort.

There needs to be a better way to control the production process… and there is…

Introducing Lanstad.

Lanstad from Deanta is a centralised publishing technology platform, featuring a collaborative project management workspace, which enables real-time XML editing, proofing and content transformation.

Lanstad helps publishers produce books faster by eliminating clutter, confusion, lengthy delays, and reducing costs by having everyone work with one file, in one space, in real time, and from anywhere.

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