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KooBits gives children the fun of the gamification method to help children learn math without being under pressure. It provides students more than 10 thousand word problems with more than 700 math skills.

By using KooBits, the need to purchase expensive textbooks to learn math is no longer necessary.

KooBits also allows students to challenge each other to improve their social connection as well. Kids learn math while actually having fun doing it.

Explainer video script:

For many primary kids Math is well… a monster!

And to conquor the monster kids need to… practice.

Kids practice at school.

Teachers assign practice homework..

Parents make kids practice even more at home.

Then, some kids go to tutors.

But all this practice can lead to boredom and fatigue and actually make the monster even scarier.

So, how can kids tame this monster and look forward to learning Math?

The answer is: KooBits ProblemSums.

KooBits is in step with the digital age and helps children build math skills at their pace using gamification.

Students simply login, select a word-problem math excercise to work on and can view a tutorial video first.

Then, based on how well they perform, move on to a more challenging problem.

KooBits ourperforms any conventional method of instruction by featuring more than 10,000 word problems in more than 700 math skills which replaces the need for costly and heavy books.

KooBits is aslo „social“ and students can participate in challenges from peer users, both local and international, which allows them to actually apply what they learn to real life situations.

Most importanly, teachers and parents have full transparancy so they can monitor their kids and see how they are progressing.

And, the low-cost membership fee saves parents expensive tuition fees.

Best of all, kids LEARN Math while actually having fun doing it.

So, lets get started and talk about how YOU can help kids defeat the mean old monster… with KooBits.