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Keeps is an item organizer app which you can use to take pictures of your stuff, and put a customizable description of the place you put it on such as drawers, closets etc.

It’s called item location photos. You can also send the last known location of the items through email in case you can’t come to pick it up yourself. Keeps helps us to keep our stuff better.

Explainer Video Script

It happens all the time, you’re running out the door, late for a meeting, school, or whatever. Suddenly you can’t find your keys, or maybe it’s a report you misplaced. Next thing you know, you’re tearing your house apart trying to find the misplaced item.

That’s why we invented Keeps, a revolutionary item organizer which based on a combination of visual imagery and keywords, that will help you keep track of all of your things.

You can simply use your smartphone to take a picture of your item while being placed in a specific spot, what we call an item position photo, and then assign it to a location by tapping in selections you already defined, such as a specific drawer at the office or a closet in your bedroom.

In case you need to ask someone to pickup an item on Keeps. You can quickly share the last known location of that item and its picture by email. It will be so much easier for anyone to find it.

Next time you wake up running late for work and can’t find that flash drive with that big presentation you’re going to present to your boss, you can simply look up the item on Keeps and find out right where it’s at.

So don’t waste time pulling your hair out all over a misplaced this or that. Keeps save you time and reduce your stress.