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KD Smart Chair is a lightweight power wheelchair with high-quality materials and features. Its foldable feature allows you to easily carry it around for travelling. Besides, it’s more affordable compared to other brand names in the market.

KD Smart Chair received high ratings from Amazon, TopTenReviews, New Mobility Magazine and other third party consumer review sites.

Explainer Video Script

Are you in the market for a power wheelchair or thinking of upgrading?

KD Smart Chair comes with endless features and unbeatable mobility options. Check out this video to see all of the benefits our power
chairs offer.

KD Smart Chair weighs only 50 pounds.

Our chairs can be easily folded in few seconds! They are great for easy storage and transporting in your car.

Perfect For Travel
Now you can see the world and bring your KD Smart Chair on airplanes, cruise ships or anywhere else. Travel luggage case is available to make your trips much easier and hassle free. It travels up to 5 miles per hour and can go up to 15 miles in driving distance.

Our chairs are less expensive than the competition!

Highly Rated
KD Smart Chair has received great product reviews from Amazon, TopTenReviews, New Mobility Magazine and other third-party consumer reviews sites. People love our wheelchairs and so will you! FDA Cleared

KD Smart Chair is a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared medical device.

Now you can customize your chair with cool accessories like phone carrying case, cup holder, tablet mount, flashlight and other items.

Long Lasting Battery
Supports two Lithium-ion batteries for extra power and driving distance.

KD Smart Chair requires little service and maintenance depending on your level of usage.

Money Back Guarantee
Comes with a 60-Day Money Guarantee and easy return policy in case you do not love your new wheelchair.

Now that you have seen all of the benefits our power wheelchairs offer, we welcome you to check out our website to learn more about
our products by visiting our website at www.kdsmartchair.com or call us at 877-827-6278

Regain your independence with KD Smart Chair.