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KC Cleans specializes in using steam cleaning techniques that are more effective and safe than chemical cleaning.

KC Cleans is a non-chemical cleaning agency that specializes in cleaning schools to ensure that students are optimally protected from germs, mold, bacteria and viruses. Not only that, KC Cleans provide higher standards of cleaning using steam cleaning that financially fits school budgets.

Our children deserve the most hygiene learning environment. KC Cleans is the solution.

Explainer Video Script

As a school leader, you are responsible for shaping a vision of academic success, while
keeping our children healthy and safe by creating a climate hospitable to their education.
That means providing all classrooms with a hygienic learning environment… Free of
harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and dust.

Certainly all educational maintenance organizations like KC Clean should follow these
health standards and be in compliance with the latest environmental regulations.
If you have any doubts within your school, contact KC Clean.

KC Clean services all local schools within the Joliet Dioceses… Providing a higher
standard using premier cleaning solutions, that financially fit school budgets.

KC Clean specializes in using steam cleaning techniques every month that not only clean
better than chemicals, but are more effective at eradicating germs in a friendly and safe

And KC Cleans service is non-disruptive, working around your schools scheduled sporting
events, religious education, and faculty meetings.

Surely our children deserve the cleanliest learning environment, with classrooms that are
completely hygienic, comfortable and stimulates them to spark their imagination, engage
their creativity and allow them to have fun all at the same time.

KC Clean can help your school achieve this vision of higher standard success using
premier cleaning solutions.