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The complex problems we are facing nowadays cannot be solved by a single action by one individual or one organization. Impact Networks facilitates different sectors and organization to overcome these problems from different angles, with one coordinated and smart effort.

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We live in a world of incredibly complex challenges: reducing poverty, slowing climate change, providing high quality health care and education.

These complex problems, or what some call “wicked” problems, are constantly evolving and can’t be solved with a single action by any one sector or by any one organization.

Instead, it’s critical to address the problem from many angles at once with a smart, coordinated effort. To do that, you need an impact network.

Impact networks catalyze committed groups of people, within organizations or across sectors, to build
trust, take action, and work together towards individual and shared goals.

There are many forms an impact network can take, but the fundamental elements are the always the

Clarify a shared purpose,
Convene the right people,
Cultivate trust,
Coordinate action,
And Collaborate generously.

It takes a special type of leader to make that happen. We call them “network entrepreneurs.”

They are different because they deliberately emphasize “return on relationships”. Structure and strategy matter, but impact networks can’t truly succeed without that foundation of respect and deep trust.

So who are these network entrepreneurs? And how do impact networks really work?

To learn more, visit impactnetworks.net and follow The New Network Leader series in Stanford Social

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