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Data is very important in making business decisions both online and offline. While we have many online analytics tools available, there hasn’t been enough data about offline visitors to make informed business decisions.

iinsights™ is the answer to real-life visitor analytics problems.

iinsights™ anonymously collect data from visitors from a range of physical sensors.

iinsights™ also shows you how many walk-by your business has, and each one of them that converts into customers.

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Just like online, in the real world, data is driving important business decisions.

But there hasn’t been enough information about offline visitors to make truly informed decisions.

The solution is insights.

insights is the real life visitor-analytics platform that changes the way you do business.

insights passively collects and processes anonymous Big Data from a range of physical sensors to deliver actionable visitor and business intelligence.

And insights mobile Companion Apps provide connections with visitors in ways that are relevant and meaningful.

With the customisable dashboard display;

Retailers know how many walk-bys converted to visitors, whether those visitors were new or returning, and how engaged they were.

Marketers attribute consumer response to specific marketing activities, forecast ROI and better evaluate campaigns.

Commercial Property Managers optimise space utilisation with path analysis, visitor heat mapping and dwell time to better serve stakeholders.

Governments examine how public spaces are being used 24/7 for successful placemaking activation and community engagement initiatives.

You too can use insights to begin making smarter business decisions today.

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