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iDream is designed innovatively to make your whole sleeping and mattress-buying experience genuinely better. It comes in a practical box that you can carry without breaking your back.

Do you prefer sleeping on a firm, comfortable mattress or a soft and bouncy one?

Don’t worry iDreams has both in one mattress. The side you’re sleeping in is too firm? Flip it over.

Explainer Video Script

John was tired and desperate for a good night’s sleep. He got a mattress down at the store but when it came to getting it home,

He tried this way, and this way and this.

And when he arrived home he still had to deal with getting it through the door, up the stairs, around the corners – watch it Moxy! And into his room

And it turned out it was too hard anyway. Don’t worry John, it was all just a bad dream…

What you really did was try an iDream mattress, fall in love with it. Pick it up in it’s easy carry box. Put it the back, home, up the stairs, hi Moxy!

Then just cut the plastic and let it curl out on the bed and lay exactly like an old-fashioned mattress.

And you know how your girlfriend prefers a soft mattress? Well no problem, just flip it over and use the soft side. That’s right, not only does it have a core with Airflow and Breathability, but you can choose between a firm side and a soft one

So don’t break your back carrying a mattress upstairs, and don’t ruin it again by lying on one that’s too soft or too firm.

iDream, an idea so good, you should sleep on it