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Idaciti helps you deal with the big financial data that takes lots of insight to analyze and make a business decisions from. With idaciti, you can see data in visual form, making it easier to analyze.

You can also put several data together to create a timeline – thus it’s easier to share, report, collaborate and compare the data with the others.

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Making business decisions is never easy. Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, portfolio manager or consultant, you and your team work hard to find the insights that keep your company competitive.

They’re looking for insights in the marketplace, analyzing the competition, uncovering opportunities for growth.

You should tell them that the answers are in idaciti.

Idaciti is an analytical platform that makes global financial data usable, accessible and sharable.

Simply select your companies, choose your KPIs, and create visualizations of the data you want to see.

Put several together to create a story for sharing, reporting, collaborating and more.

Now, making business decisions has become a lot easier. And your business can do more than compete.

It can blow everyone else out of the water.idaciti fundamentally changes what public financial data can do for your business. Are you ready to take advantage?