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Hive puts your team’s schedule, tasks, and messages into one place. Not only that, Hive is also an easy way to share your files with your co-workers. All you have to do is drag-n-drop the file to the right person.

Your company’s software also plugs right in. New sales, new projects, or helpdesk updates… all in one place.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Sarah. She’s a team leader and wants to give her team the best tools possible to do their job.

She asked her friends for advice, and got a ton of options…
– Something for tasks
– Something for sharing files
– Something for chat
– Oh and don’t forget mobile

And what about the tools that the company already has?
– Marketing software
– Sales software
– Helpdesk software

Sarah just wants something simple.

Meet Hive, home for busy teams.

It’s so simple everyone can get started without training – your team’s todo list on the left, your messages and notifications in the middle, and your files on the right.

Want to share a file? Just drop it on the right person. Want to make sure you remember your manager’s request? Just drop it on your action list.

And all your company’s software plugs right in… new sales, product updates or helpdesk tickets, all right in one place.

Join the smart teams who have made Hive their home. We’d love to welcome you.