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Hawksearch is an intelligent search and recommendation platform that powers success for any size business across all industries. Hawksearch is for everyone, marketers, merchandisers and developers, allowing you to search on your terms.

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Are you ready for the on-site search of tomorrow, today? Introducing Hawksearch powered by Elasticsearch. Let’s take a look at Hawksearch & Elasticsearch in terms of making a pizza.

The foundation of Hawksearch or the dough is Elasticsearch, the powerful, data agnostic, open source, search indexing technology that provides exceptionally fast searches, even from extremely large data sets.

Search queries that were already fast are now lightning quick by Elasticsearch. In addition to Elasticsearch being a super-fast and high performing indexing engine, it is also:

  • Distributed
  • Readily Scalable
  • Processes Real Time, Full-Text Search

The secret sauce of the pizza is Hawksearch, the enterprise and customizable, platform agnostic, search solution that requires minimal developer setup and delivers extremely personalized and relevant search results for online businesses, regardless of industry or size.

Hawksearch was developed with Marketers, Merchandisers and Developers in mind to ensure that website visitors receive a tailor-made, customized search experience, created especially for them.

Finally, the toppings of the pizza are the Hawksearch features, such as smart autocomplete, relevant recommendations, SEO influencer and relevancy tuning that empowers marketers to accomplish their online goals by providing site visitors with a unique and personalized search experience that leads to increased conversions.

Like a great pizza, Hawksearch, powered by Elasticsearch has everything you want, baked in and ready to go – high performance, incredible speed, distribution, scalability and the most relevant and personalized search results the industry has to offer.

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