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ManageSales is the one tool you need to work and grow your business in a fast-paced flow without making errors along the way.

It’s automated, so you don’t have to worry about time-consuming setups.

Explainer Video Script

OK, so you’re in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods business such as food & beverage, toiletries, household goods, personal products, and more.

Which means, your business needs to move fast.

Fast in replenishing goods. Fast in order processing. Fast in expanding to more outlets.

But, when you move fast, you can make errors and actually waste time.

So, how can you work faster yet gain efficiencies, reduce discrepancies in deliveries and invoices, eliminate common errors, and improve client service?


In particular, Grand-Flo’s ManageSales – Sales Force Automation solution.

ManageSales helps manage your entire sales force, from personnel to your customer

Using the ManageSales Order Taking module, your field sales force can place their entire
trust in a system that helps them handle field sales route management, sales orders and
returns, AR collection, and performance monitoring & reporting.

And, with ManageSales Van Sales module, the van sales team can count on a system that
helps them handle van stocks, route management, sales, returns, AR collection, discount and promotions and day close reporting.

ManageSales was created just for your kind of business by a dedicated team of software
experts who continue to leverage and incorporate the latest technology into the system.
You’ll experience overall productivity improvement with proper monitoring and controls in

Plus enjoy better sales team management up and down the line, and generate accurate
reports on which to base critical decisions.

Keep your business moving fast.

Put ManageSales to work for you right now.