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Give Easy is Australia’s first free mobile giving platform. Free for users to download, and free for charities. Give Easy puts your charity or Not For Profit onto a mobile platform accessible to everyone, everywhere with a smartphone or tablet.

Explainer video script:

Give Easy is Australia’s first mobile giving platform. And it’s free.

Free for users to download. And free for charities Not For Profits to sign up to

But is it any good?

Well, we think it’s pretty special, and the judges for the Australian Shell Innovation Challenge agreed, awarding GiveEasy the 2012 Winner Community Services Award.

But what really matters is what Give Easy can do for your organisation across Australia.

GiveEasy puts your charity or Not For Profit onto a mobile platform accessible to everyone, everywhere with a smartphone or tablet.

Taking just minutes to sign up, it’s a painless way to put your charity on the mobile technology map!

GiveEasy allows registered users to give at the push of a button, without needing to enter any payment details.

That reduces the risk of drop-off between intending to give and actually giving, which is great news for charities Not for profits with limited marketing budgets.

Give Easy allows charities Not for profits to include short videos to tell their stories, and can push events and appeals to users, giving you direct and smart access to Gen X and Gen Y givers.

And Give Easy will automatically email tax receipts to donors on your behalf, ensuring their giving experience is completely painless, and increasing repeat giving.

The GiveEasy team can go one step further and develop your own branded app, enabling you to build on and communicate directly with your donor database.

Perhaps most important of all, getting your charity Not for profits onto GiveEasy today will futureproof your fundraising, getting you ready for a future where mobile phones will become credit cards, where anything can become a point of sale, and where every financial transacton will become a giving opportunity.

Getting onto to Give Easy will mean you are connected to an infinitely scalable future of smart new ways for people to give, from tweets to transactions. We’ll consolidate it all and do the hard work on the back end, so you can stay focused on your cause.

Which is the best reason of all to join the future of giving today.