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Framestr is a customizable mini store that can be put on blogs to help bloggers earn more revenue.

Framestr helps bloggers to avoid having to display irrelevant ads on their blogs.

By displaying one-of-a-kind products from around the world curated by bloggers for their readers to buy, it gives the bloggers 100% of sales commission without any third party cut.

Framestr is the shoppable mini store for creative bloggers.

Explainer Video Script

Meet Monika, she spends day and night running an uber sexy fashion blog

As her viewership has grown, her revenue has not

Monika’s current advertising options come with many frustrations.

Firstly, ads often don’t match her content. Monika’s stylish fashion blog features ads for tropical vacations. Advertisers pay her for clicks that rarely happen 

Viewers who click the ad don’t help Monika either . They are sent off-site, forever

This also happens with affiliate marketing. The product selection is bland and Amazon’s take is GINORMOUS.

Meet Framestr: the shoppable mini-store.

Monika visits Framestr and creates a customized mini-store that can be put right on her blog.

It displays unique products from ‘one of a kind’ businesses from around the globe, curated by Monika. She keeps 100% of the commissions offered by the business.

Best of all, viewers can interact and buy right within the frame without ever leaving her site.

The result? In a short period, Monika’s targeted interactive mini-store puts more money in her pocket and increases viewer engagement.

Framestr.com. Welcome to social commerce.