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Do you want a 100% secure and comfortable feeling when working with third-party vendors? Try FortifyData. They show you where your weak points are so you can start fixing them.

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When you partner with third-party vendors, you share their security risks. Wouldn’t it be great to know how secure they are before you sign any agreements?

At FortifyData, we put a lens on companies’ cyber risk profiles. Using comprehensive data, we analyze a company’s cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses in order to quantify them in an easy to understand cyber risk score. This helps you make better decisions about who to trust with your critical assets and sensitive data.

Through statistical analysis of a company’s network and application layer vulnerabilities, dark web discoveries of stolen company records, domain reputation, malware checks, historical breach information and more, you can now understand the current state of your risk exposure using our easy to understand cyber risk score .ranging from 300 to 900

Helping you make better risk management decisions… FortifyData, the most accurate cyber risk scoring solution.