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For[CME] helps Doctors who are too occupied to attend 30 hours of AMA PRA category 1 credit each year, in order to maintain their medical license.

It allows Doctors to browse through more than 1000 journals to improve their medical knowledge and earn a 0.5 AMA PRA category 1 credit afterward.

For[CME] saves a lot of time and money for all Doctor.

Explainer Video Script

Meet John, a doctor who sees a full schedule of patients, has to deal with endless paperwork, and does his best to manage a busy practice.

But to provide the best care and retain his medical license, John has to complete 30 hours of AMA PRA Category 1 Credit each year.

That means flying off to attend expensive medical conferences, but John can’t always afford to be away, for the sake of his patients, his family, and the financial health of his practice.

John’s dream was to find a way to earn CME more efficiently and without leaving his practice!

John… that’s no dream, it’s reality with For[CME]!

Using forCME’s solution, John can now easily earn CME for something he already does – searching for journal articles online.

Here’s how For[CME] works:

When John has a clinical question he simply goes to his computer or mobile device and enters his search into forCME.

After browsing results from a library of over a thousand medical journals, John finds an article that helps enhance his knowledge or competence.

He then documents his search by answering four multiple-choice questions… there are no wrong answers. After pressing submit, John instantly earns 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits!

Now, John can earn CME whenever it’s convenient for him… at home, while traveling, or even in between patients!

So, if you’re a physician, use For[CME] and save thousands of dollars, spend more time on your practice, and easily earn the credits you need.

Get started by signing up at For[CME] or download our iOS app today!