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Fluentize gives teachers a high-quality, reliable resource and methodology to help students improve their fluency skills in English by working with lesson plans and videos.

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If you’re an ESL teacher, then you know it’s hard to create lessons that are educational, engaging, and entertaining all in one.

Particularly if you want to use practical content across relevant topics.

While giving students the practice they need to advance their level.

Fluentize gives ESL teachers what they need to help their teenage or adult students improve, through downloadable lesson plans based on online videos.

Teachers get modern, in-depth and smoothly flowing lessons.

And students get to learn, listen to, and actively use English in a natural way.

Fluentize isn’t just a resource, but a methodology.

Providing everything necessary to get students speaking, pre-teach essential vocabulary terms from the video, aid student comprehension, and help students practice the language points they’ve learned.

The language is in the video. The magic is in our lesson plans.

Using them, you’ll bring the outside world to students and never run out of fresh material for conversation.

All with engaging, diverse, and authentic visual content that your students will love.

And activities designed to improve their fluency.

Fluentize: be the reason your students become fluent in English.

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