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Fluencia is a Spanish language learning app that provides you with personalized materials that will actually be used in conversational situations. It provides step-by-step instructions handcrafted by professionals and native speakers followed by game-like activities.

Fluencia lets you personalize your practices by providing extra practices whenever you need it.

Fluencia is the language learning app that actually works.

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Are your Spanish conversations on the short side?

Maybe you’re planning a trip, speaking with friends, or gaining an edge at work.

Whatever your reason, science shows that learning Spanish sharpens your mind.

and connects you with over 500 million Spanish speakers around the world.

But there are plenty of reasons not to learn. I don’t have time. I’m too old. It’s too expensive.

Maybe you’ve even tried learning Spanish. But it just didn’t stick.

Now, your frustration is a thing of the past.  Say hola to Fluencia — language learning that actually works.

Fluencia personalizes lessons, for you. The result is learning that is much more engaging and more effective.

We start with clear, step-by-step instruction handcrafted by professors and native speakers.  We focus on conversational Spanish you’ll actually use!

Then we add immersive media– native-speaker audio and beautiful images–that we mix with with game-like activities.

But the magic is in our personalization.But the magic is in our personalization.

We personalize the pace.  Fluencia lets you fly through what you know and gives you extra practice when you need it.

We personalize the feedback. Like a tutor, our intelligent feedback system explains your mistakes so you can fix them.

And we personalize the review. Our Smart Review technology brings back concepts, right before you forget them, to boost your memory up to 200%.

While you learn, we track your progress, so you can see results.

Fluencia works on all your devices, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to outdated technology and expensive classes.

Start speaking Spanish with Fluencia today. Sign up for Fluencia and try your personalized course now!