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Finalytics is a platform that helps businesses in the medical industry to collect payment from insurers and manage aged insurance receivables in a timely manner.

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As a medical provider, you are faced with many revenue cycle challenges.

The most critical administrative tasks that impact the financial health of your business are collecting timely payment from insurers and managing aged insurance receivables.

We all know the insurance revenue cycle is labor intensive and involves manual data entry to first complete and submit claims and then later to post remittances after reconciliation with payments. The manual process is inefficient and error-prone.

Finally, there’s an automated solution for the insurance revenue cycle.

Finalytics has introduced a comprehensive insurance revenue cycle platform reducing your A/R from 45 or more days to less than 10 days.

With our web-based solution, your claims are imported into our proprietary platform. We then pay you 80% of the claim value in less than 5 business days. Once insurers pay the claim, Finalytics sends you the cash balance from the transaction along with a postable file for your patient accounting system. As an added benefit, you’ll receive claim analytics that will help you optimize the insurance billing process.

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