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EFFE helps you find available coupons and vouchers for your favorite outlets throughout the city. The more coupon you collect, the greater rewards you’ll get!

EFFE is a free app, you can sign up now and try for yourself!

Explainer Video Script

Hi, know who I am?

I’m EFFE your personal coupon.

I’m here to tell you how you can make shopping a game while earning great discounts on fabulous fashion and other must-have items.

Get started by downloading the EFFE app and creating an avatar that will follow your location on a virtual map.

While walking around your city, you will find Coupons – like me – for fashion Brands you love.

It’s like playing a treasure hunt, where the playground is your city and the Treasure are Coupons you can use in-store in real-time.

Plus, the more Coupons you catch and use, the greater your rewards and the faster you’ll advance to the next level in the game.

You can even compete for Coupons, or exchange them with your friends.

So, if you simply love shopping

and saving money, EFFE is the perfect app for you.

And catch me if you can.