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DriverReach is a mobile-friendly DOT application where companies look for drivers for hire. It’s a simplified platform with one-time application filling and one-click application submission.

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Let’s face it, finding qualified CDL drivers today is a serious challenge.

The pool of drivers continues to shrink.

Advertising expenses are on the rise and competition is fierce.

The recruiting process is complex and time-consuming.

Business is crippled by the high cost of idle equipment and limited growth potential.

At DriverReach, we’re helping to solve these problems.

Our free basic membership gives you TWO ways to receive driver applications:

First, you get your own unique online DOT application form link to add to your website, job
ads, social media sites — anywhere you wish.

Drivers love our simple, mobile-friendly job application. And there’s no cost for applications
you receive through your unique link.

Second, you get matched with qualified CDL drivers who are actively seeking jobs. These
are the highest quality leads that are interested in your company, have already completed
a DOT application and are ready to process.

Your company is matched with drivers based on your geographic location, custom hiring
criteria and driver job preferences.

Matching drivers then choose to send you their complete DOT application, which you prescreen and decide whether to accept or not. You pay a small, one-time charge for
applications you accept.

Finally, whether you get direct applications through your unique link, or if you receive
matched apps that drivers push to you, our easy to use recruiting tools make processing
driver applications a breeze, enjoy integrated background checks, streamlined employer
verifications, workflow, CRM functions and more.

A complete solution for the recruiting challenges you face every day, even if you already
use other recruiting systems.

So if you’re tired of losing drivers to competitors because of your slower, manual paper
applications or if you’ve had it with your complex, outdated and expensive applicant
tracking system and you need a cost-effective way to find qualified CDL drivers then join DriverReach today and start getting matched for free.